Moehl Engineering, Inc. is a forensic engineering firm
specializing in the analysis and evaluation
of building complexities and damages

    Tim Moehl, PE, MSCE

    • Tim has more than 30-years experience as a Structural Forensic Engineer
    • Tim worked on the Indiana State Bulding Code Review Committee
      for the current Indiana commercial building code
    • Tim worked 4-years on the Carmel Plan Commission

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    Damage Evaluation Report


    (317) 818-1820
    99 E 106th Street, Carmel, IN 46280

Building Damage Evaluations:

  • Fire Damage

  • Weather related building damages
    - staff experience in more than 30 midwest tornado events

  • Construction Inadequacies

  • Vehicular Impact Damage

  • Building Collapse Investigations

  • Moehl Engineering, Inc. specializes in preparing building
    repair plans for submittal to Indiana State
    Plan Review for obtaining a construction
    design release (CDR)

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Poor ventilation will destroy enclosed wood framing.

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Apartment fire restoration design plans.

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